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I like it... It’s nice and clean and simple and pretty. Nice stuff!

Alan Kay

Cuis is a free Smalltalk-80 environment with a specific set of goals: being simple and powerful. It is also portable to any platform, fast and efficient.

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Table of Contents

This book is for Cuis-Smalltalk (6.0#5031 or later), a free and modern implementation of the Smalltalk language and environment.

Copyright © 2020, 2021, 2022 Hilaire Fernandes with Ken Dickey & Juan Vuletich
Thanks to Matt Armstrong, Bernhard Pieber, David Lewis, John McGarey, Mariano Montone, Tommy Pettersson, Mauro Rizzi & Stephen Smith for the reviews of the book, suggestions and borrowed texts. It is very valuable.

Compilation : February 16, 2022

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