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3 Class, Model of Communicating Entities

If I give you something that you can play with and extend, even a piece of paper with a paragraph and I say it’s not written well, rewrite it, that’s easier than giving you nothing and say make something; you know, giving a blank sheet of paper and starting to write. So the lovely part that has proven true for professional programmers as well as kids is when you start with something, an object that does something, and then you put many objects like those together and have them interact, and then you extend and make them behave a little differently, you can take a very incremental approach to learning how to control a computer system.

Adele Goldberg

Cuis-Smalltalk is a pure object oriented programming (OOP) language. All the entities in the language: integers, floats, rational numbers, strings, collections, blocks of code and so forth – every instance usable as a noun in Smalltalk – is an object.