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Appendix F The Figures

Figure 1


Figure 1.1

Set Preferences

Figure 1.2

Window options

Figure 1.3

Transcript window with output

Figure 1.4

Spacewar! game on a DEC PDP-1 minicomputer

Figure 1.5

Spacewar! game play

Figure 2.1

The System Browser

Figure 2.2

Spacewar! class category

Figure 2.3

Installed Package window

Figure 2.4

Equations of the accelerations, speed and position

Figure 3.1

Class methods in Float

Figure 3.2

Instance methods in Float

Figure 4.1

Browse String protocol

Figure 4.2

Browse the String hierarchy

Figure 5.1

Spacewar! torpedoes around

Figure 6.1

Select EllipseMorph from a menu

Figure 6.2

Drag construction handle to change size

Figure 6.3

A larger ellipse

Figure 6.4

Obtain a BoxedMorph

Figure 6.5

Make the rect a submorph of the ellipse

Figure 6.6

Middle-Click for construction handles

Figure 6.7

Middle-Click again to descend into submorphs

Figure 6.8

Add instance specific behavior

Figure 6.9

Move submorph within its parent

Figure 6.10

Pick a submorph out of its parent

Figure 6.11

Inspect instance variables of the ellipse

Figure 6.12

Use Inspector to set border color and border width

Figure 6.13

Obtain a ColorClickEllipse

Figure 6.14

Update’s inheritance button

Figure 7.1

Details of our line morph

Figure 7.2

A variety of triangle morphs, one decorated with its halo and coordinates system

Figure 7.3

Animated morph

Figure 7.4

An animated and clipped submorph triangle

Figure 7.5

A clock morph

Figure 7.6

Declaring unknown variables as instance variables in current class

Figure 7.7

ClockMorph with instance variables added

Figure 7.8

A fancy clock morph

Figure 7.9

A star with a fluctuating size

Figure 7.10

Space ship diagram at game start-up

Figure 7.11

Torpedo diagram at game start-up

Figure 7.12

The class side of the System Browser

Figure 7.13

The display bounds of a space ship

Figure 8.1

Spacewar! effect depending on the keyboard focus

Figure 9.1

Cuis-Smalltalk informs about lost changes

Figure 9.2

Manually select the changes to file in

Figure 9.3

The Change Sorter, class edit

Figure 9.4

The Change Sorter, method edit

Figure 9.5

The File List tool, to install a change set and more

Figure 9.6

Change List tool to review modifications to the image

Figure 9.7

Installed Packages Browser

Figure 9.8

New Package – Morphic-Learning

Figure 9.9

Select package (or Cuis base version) to require

Figure 9.10

Saved package – Morphic-Learning

Figure 9.11

Change Sorter, supplementary method to core

Figure 9.12

Package with extension to the Integer class of the Kernel-Numbers system class category

Figure 9.13

Environment of an image started with the set up script

Figure 10.1

Inspecting a ZeroDivide instance

Figure 10.2

Names of files and directories in a Directory

Figure 10.3

Debug It

Figure 10.4

Step Into

Figure 10.5

Viewing Focus Object and Temporaries

Figure 10.6


Figure 10.7

Step Over Breakpoint

Figure 11.1

Senders of left

Figure 11.2

Rename left

Figure 11.3

Rename in Category

Figure 11.4

Results of Renaming

Figure 11.5

Senders of nose

Figure 11.6

Rename nose to noseDirection

Figure D.1


Figure D.2

Several rectangle morphs

Figure D.3

This rectangle rotates around its top left corner

Figure D.4

This rectangle rotates around its center

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