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Appendix C The Exercises

Exercise 1

I am an example of an exercise

Exercise 1.1

Middle placement

Exercise 1.2

Concatenate and uppercase

Exercise 1.3

Inverse sum

Exercise 1.4

Capitalize number as words

Exercise 2.1

Hello to Belle

Exercise 2.2

Sum of the squares

Exercise 2.3

Count of methods

Exercise 3.1

Float class information

Exercise 3.2

Cosine table

Exercise 3.3

Multiply by 1024

Exercise 3.4

Miscellaneous calculation errors with decimal numbers

Exercise 3.5

Toward the infinite

Exercise 3.6

Fix the errors

Exercise 3.7

Select apples

Exercise 3.8

Format a string

Exercise 3.9

Instance variables of the Spacewar! protagonists

Exercise 3.10

SpaceShip getter message

Exercise 3.11

SpaceShip setter messages

Exercise 3.12

Methods to control ship heading

Exercise 3.13

Methods to control ship acceleration

Exercise 3.14

Initialize central star

Exercise 4.1

Cut a string

Exercise 4.2

Negative integer numbers

Exercise 4.3

Hole in a set

Exercise 4.4

Odd integers

Exercise 4.5

Number of prime number between 101 and 200

Exercise 4.6

Multiples of 7

Exercise 4.7

Odd and non prime integers

Exercise 4.8

Cipher decode

Exercise 4.9

Alphabet Caesar’s cipher

Exercise 4.10

Encode with Caesar’s cipher

Exercise 4.11

Decode with Caesar’s cipher

Exercise 4.12

Access part of a collection

Exercise 4.13

Fill an array

Exercise 4.14

Add an element after

Exercise 4.15


Exercise 4.16

Color by name

Exercise 4.17

Collections to hold the ships and torpedoes

Exercise 4.18

Update all ships and torpedoes

Exercise 5.1

Block to compute divisors

Exercise 5.2

Implementing and: and or:

Exercise 5.3

Categorize a method

Exercise 5.4

Categorize control methods

Exercise 5.5

Ships collision

Exercise 5.6

Collision between the torpedoes and the Sun

Exercise 6.1

Make all Morphs

Exercise 6.2

Refactoring SpaceShip and Torpedo

Exercise 7.1

Cross morph

Exercise 7.2

Rectangle morph

Exercise 7.3

Rotate your rectangle morph arround its center

Exercise 7.4

Rotate the cross around its center

Exercise 7.5

A fancy clock

Exercise 7.6

Torpedo extent

Exercise 7.7

Torpedo drawing

Exercise 7.8

Space ship access to its diagram in class side

Exercise 7.9

Draw on Mobile

Exercise 7.10

Accurate collision detection

Exercise 8.1

Get notified of mouse move-over event

Exercise 8.2

Handle mouse enter event

Exercise 8.3

Handle mouse leave event

Exercise 8.4

Get notified of keyboard event

Exercise 8.5

Keys to control the second player ship

Exercise 9.1

Describe a package

Exercise 9.2

Save Spacewar! package

Exercise 9.3

Two class categories, one package

Exercise 11.1

Renaming a method

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