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11 Sharing Cuis

Programming is hardly ever a solitary communion between one man and one machine. Caring about other people is a conscious decision, and one that requires practice.

Kent Beck, “Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns”(1997)

Programming remains an intensively collaborative process between groups of program readers and writers.

Dave Thomas, “Smalltalk With Style”(1996)

Let your code talk — Names matter. Let the code say what it means. Introduce a method for everything that needs to be done. Donʼt be afraid to delegate, even to yourself.

Oscar Nierstrasz, “Best Practice Patterns - talk slides”(2009)

This book is an invitation.

We hope that you are using Cuis-Smalltalk to discover pathways of interest and are enjoying the journey. If so, at some point you have done something wonderful and probably want to share it.

Sharing requires communicating intent.

Good writing takes practice. Good writers read.